Aluminium Decks for Pick-up

Diesel Expectations gives you more.

Diesel Expectations supplys and installs Aluminium decks for your work horse.

Lose weight and gain space!

Quality Aussie built truck decks, where a predominance of utility work trucks have these decks installed, they have been field tested and are currently being used in a variety of climates world wide, so this product will shrug off our Canadian Winters.

Aluminium decks come in a variety of lengths and widths to suit your purposes, they are a flat surface and sit over your wheels so there is no loss of space from your wheel arches. The drop down, removable sides make these decks extremely versitile and you will have even more tie down points!

By removing the standard tub and installing an aluminium deck you can lose up to 300kg in weight thus increasing your carrying capacity.

These aluminium decks will suit most North Americian pick-ups, short and long box and everything in between.

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